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Inauguration of Integrated Border Post- Sakato, Oecusi

On 28 June 2012, the Vice Prime Minister Jose Luis Guterres on behalf of the Prime Minister of RDTL inaugurated the Integrated Border Post of Sakato in the presence of a number of participants including members of Timor Leste Government, SRSG of UNMIT, Fin Reske Nielson, distinguished authorities from Indonesia, relevant national authorities from Ministry of Finance and other ministries and local authorities including the distric administrator and representative of Catholic Church.

The District Administrator of Oecusi, Jose Anunu welcomed the attendees of the ceremony and congratulated the government of Timor Leste for the impressive initiative and achievement in realizing this modern integrated border post. Mr. Anunu expressed his gratitude to the organizing committee both from national and local levels who have contributed for the successful ceremony. He pointed out that Oecusi has a unique position as comparing to other districts of the country. Oecusi has four border sites with Indonesia such as: Sakato, Oesilo/Napak, Homenana and Naktuka, of which Sakato has already accomplished its modern border post, now remaining three more border sites to develop in the future. To conclude, he requested the leadership of the government to start negotiating with Indonesian authorities to facilitate visa issuing in the Indonesian Consulate in Oecusi, rather than in Dili, as occurring now.

The Secretary of State of Oecusi, Jorge Teme congratulated the initiative of establishing this integrated border post which is one of significant accomplishments by the AMP Governemnt over the past 5 years. He pointed out that despite enormous difficulties, the government is able to successfully implement innovative programs which are result of smart Development Policy of this government.

Mr. Teme also thanked to the UNMIT for its valuable assistance during the past 5 years of services in Oecusi, and said that their continuous support and coordination with local authorities have been greatly useful and benefitial for the people of Oecusi.

The SRSG of UNMIT, Fin Reske Nielson in his speech said that the inauguration of this integrated border post which is equipped with modern facilities and systems demonstrates the strong commitment of Timorese leadership for development of the country. It is also a real example of successful relationship and solidarity between two neighbor nations, Indonesia and Timor Leste. He took another example of this good relationship between the two countries, in Batugade, where he could see that the transportation of sensitive items like “boletim de votos” from Kupang to Timor Leste was strongly guarded by Indonesian TNI and Police to Batugde. This shows an amazing model of friendship and solidarity between Timor Leste and Indonesia. And this also provides signal that the end of UNMIT mission in Timor Leste at the end of this year can be realized as planned.

Specifically, Finn congratulated the organizing committee and the government of Timor Leste for having accomplished this integrated border post that could be an exemplary model of border post. He expressed his gratitude for the good relationship and good coordination between UNMIT staff and local authorities of Oecusi, in particular the Secretary of State, Jorge Teme.


Meanwhile the Vice Prime Minister, Jose Luis Guterres, in his speech welcomed the distinguished guests from Indonesia, and greeted all attendees of the ceremony including the accompanying members of government, the national and local authorities who were able to participate in this ceremony. The Vice Prime Minister  congratulated all those who have contributed for the magnificent building construction process and  the successful inauguration ceremony of this integrated border post.

Mr. Guterres further said that the integrated border post is a real proof of commitment of this government to comply with certain requirements before adhering to the ASEAN community, shortly. It is also part of the priority program of this government to meet the global standards in the coming years.

Specifically he advocated all staff who will work in this integrated border post to show their highest spirit of professionalism and dedication to the country when carrying out  their respective jobs in the site. As such, they have to preserve these modern equipments and systems in this office in order to facilitate them to control the in and out- movement of the merchandises through the doors of this post. He hoped that the  new government will be able to complement what this government has not achieved and also to do more useful programs for the sake of the nation and the people of Timor Leste.

Mr. Guterres also congratulated the kids dancers for their wonderful dancing that represent the valuable culture of Oecusi. He reminded that traditional culture is a precious asset that can be a valuable magnet to attrack visitors including tourists from overseas who will come to this region through this border post. Therefore preservation of the traditional culture and this modern border post is mandatory for the people of Oecusi.

Lastly, Vice Prime Minister thanked to the Indonesian vistors brothers who were able to join the ceremony and hoped that the two nations maintain and strengthen their friendship, solidarity and reconciliation that has been initiated by the then President of RDTL Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao since 2002.

The last speech was from the Vice Minister of Finance, Rui Manuel Hanjam. Mr. Hanjam expressed his gratitude to all those who tirelessly strived to finalize the construction process of this integrated border post despite the difficult situations they have experienced, including the land clearance, the transportation of materials from Indonesia until the finalization of the building construction. Mr. Hanjam took the opportunity to also express his sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Indonesian authorities in the border for their patience and solidarity in facilitating the transportation of construction materials through the border, during the day and night time. Ultimately, he thanked to the people of Oecusi who gave their support through the decision they made in contributing for the  establishment of this integrated border post which is part of innovation and transformation process.