• Sensus Fo Fila Fali launched on 4 November 2011 at Dili Convention Centre

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Sensus Fo Fila Fali launched on 4 November 2011 at Dili Convention Centre

 The more we know about ourselves, the more we can improve the development of our country- this is the motto of the Sensus Fo Fila Fali Project, which was launched at the Dili Convention Centre on 4 November 2011.

The event, chaired by Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao and Minister of Finance Emilia Pires, was also attended by Members of the Government, the representative of the National Parliament, the President of the Court of Appeal, the SRSG, a number of diplomatic corps representatives, development partners, the representatives of the UNFPA and UNICEF (both donors), civil society representatives, and other distinguished participants.

The Minister of Finance opened the event by underlining the motto of the Sensus Fo Fila Fali project. According to Minister Pires, the program envisages a countrywide dissemination, a comprehensive feedback of the 2010 census results, to the local communities. This feedback will be given by means of full day workshops in every suco of the country.

The program aims to train the local leaders on how to read and understand the statistics figures, hence enabling them to get more actively involved in the development of the country.

The Minister further emphasised the 11 indicators of Sensus Fo Fila Fali to be considered when analysing the statistic figures of each suco, such as: sex, education, health, workforce, water and sanitation, livestock, crops, housing, energy sources, and poverty rates.   To demonstrate the structure and content of the Suco Reports, Minister Pires showed examples of three sucos Rairobo (Bobonaro), Cassa (Ainaro) and Letefoho (Manufahi), indicating the condition of these sucos when it comes to net school enrolment, sanitation, livestock, and housing.

The Sensus Fo Fila Fali program consists of 442 Suco Reports providing a snapshot of each suco. The reports will be presented at the Sensus Fo Fila Fali workshops in each suco.

In his speech, Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao thanked the participants, in particular UNFPA and UNICEF, who have been providing financial and technical assistance for the 2010 Census, the MOF, who have organised this national work, and everyone else who has contributed to the success of the census.

Prime Minister underlined that the Government is committed to do its best to improve the living conditions of the people in a concerted and integrated effort, and the implementation of Sensus Fo Fila Fali is a great example of this commitment. According to the Strategic Development Plan (SDP), by 2015 Timor-Leste will have accomplished its goals related to primary health care and primary education, including the elimination of illiteracy, 55 new houses in rural areas, and the upgrading of main national roads. By 2015, 70-80 per cent of population will enjoy electricity 24 hours per day. By 2020, Timorese youth will have completed their secondary education, and people will enjoy food sufficiency.

The Prime Minister also indicated that Sensus Fo Fila Fali is a first and unique attempt to provide training to the local leaders through workshops, thus enabling knowledge and experience sharing in order for community leaders to know the real condition of their sucos and enhance their capacity to become more actively involved in the development process of the country. Having said that, the Prime Minister formally and symbolically launched Sensus Fo Fila Fali project, which will be going on in all the 13 districts of the country at the same time.


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