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Launching Of Macroeconomics Capacity Building Programs

On 4 July 2011, the Vice Minister of Finance Rui Hanjam launched a six-month economics training course for young economists from the National Directorate of Macro-Economy (NDME) and the National Directorate of Petroleum Fund (NDPF). The event was attended by senior officials and young economists from the Ministry of finance and representatives from the ADB. The economic training is an important step towards building the capacity of the Ministry of Finance in the fields of statistics and macroeconomic management, and is part of the Ministry’s capacity building program.

The training course that has been organized by the Ministry of Finance with support from the ADB through the “Statistical and Macroeconomic Capacity Building” project is a component of the technical assistance provided by ADB to the Ministry of Finance of Timor-Leste.

The training aims to improve the young economists’ economic skills and knowledge, and therefore enable them to help NDME and NDPF to conduct analysis and recommend policies for the promotion of economic development and reduction of poverty; issue opinions and studies concerning the public and private sectors, structural reforms, employment, financial markets, investment and capital formation; estimate economic growth and inflation; issue opinions on applications and uses for the Petroleum Fund; analyze the evolution of financial movements of the Petroleum Fund and State Budget; and collaborate with entities involved in  the management of the Petroleum Fund.

Rui Hanjam said that “Timor-Leste is still in the stage of building the state. Therefore, the country needs skillful Timorese to contribute to the state building process. He also encouraged young economists to participate in this important economic training in order to improve their technical skills and knowledge that allow them to be in the forefront of economic development of Timor-Leste.”

ADB Resident representative, Mr. Craig Sugden said that ADB is pleased to support the Government of Timor-Leste as it pursues the state building process. He also said that economists have important roles to play, and as young economists, they should contribute for the economic growth of Timor-Leste and ensure that they also provide regular reliable advice to their counterparts.

Fidelia Ximenes, a young Foreign Aid economist expects to learn new things from the training and apply them in her job to improve the productivity of the National Directorate of Macro-Economy.