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Launching of the website radio-acdb Timor Leste

On 25 May 20112 the Minister of Finance, Ms Emilia Pires on behalf of the Government of Timor Leste launched the  radio-acbd Timor Leste (Adeus Conflito e Benvindo Desenvolvimento or Good Bye Conflict and Welcome to Development), at the Government Palace, in the presence of several members of government and civil society representatives. The launch that was prepared by the staff of Council of Ministers was extensively covered by national and international media.

The Minister of Finance, Ms Emilia Pires in her launching remarks emphasized that as the government is progressing in its development programs, connectivity and interconnectivity between government and the people and the worldwide community is becoming a growing necessity to promote. The website-radio that can be accessed at www.radio-acbd.gov.tl is a useful tool to communicate the government programs, activities, interviews, news, press releases and agenda, as well as the issues debated in the National Parliament. It also aims to receive views and comments from the local communities in order to foster better communication between the stakeholders relating to the above issues and other national issues. Since it is an online communication any such a program and views can be also accessed at global level.

The Secretary of State for Promotion and Equality, Ms Idelta Rodrigues who also took part in the launching event pointed out that this online radio will definitely benefit the women in general and the SEPI in particular, in addition to similarly specific radio-community that has been working to date. She appreciated the initiative of this online radio as it will better expand and fast tracking the SEPI programs relating to women, and vice versa it will also enable the women community to provide their views from the remotest areas.

The radio program will broadcasted Live at every Tuesday at 7.00 PM in Tetum and Sundays at 4.PM in Portuguese, at frequency 91.7.FM RTL.