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Ministry of Finance first coordination meeting

Ministry of Finance held its first coordination meeting, known as CCFM (Consultative Council of Finance Ministry) since the newly sworn-in VI Constitutional Government took office last week. The meeting, which took place on Wednesday, the 25 February 2015 in the Knowledge Centre, Ministry of Finance building, was chaired by Minister, Ms. Santina Cardoso and Vice Minister, Mr. Helder Lopes and attended by all DGs, DNs and managers and representative of development partners.

The meeting discussed a number of important agenda items including the recent approval of VI Government organic law and its implications to the structure and work of the Ministry, Government’s 100 days programs, rectification budget, fiscal reform and other routines activities such as the preparation for the upcoming Yellow Road Workshop.

During the meeting Mr. Alberto Piedade from the Training Centre delivered a presentation on the recently created procedural manual for overseas training. The manual, he argued, will ensure that any overseas training has “value added” and benefits the Ministry in term of a better service delivery from those attend the training.

The CCFM is a coordinating meeting, which runs every two weeks, allows DGs and DNs to report on the progress of their activities, to identify and address as earlier as possible any bottleneck they encounter, rather than leaving them to the last minute.

Once the meeting concludes, minutes of the meeting and any relevant documentation will be drafted and compiled and shared with DGs and DNs. They will serve as supporting documents for the preparation of the Ministry official progress report.

Towards the end of the meeting, Minister and Vice Minister urged the government officials to work harder to ensure a better delivery of service to the people of Timor-Leste.