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Ministry of Finance gathers the first fruits of Australian scholarships

One of an impressive accomplishment by the Timor-Leste Ministry of Finance during its mandate since 2008 is the establishment of the Professional Development Program (PDP). Under this program, a number of students most of them studied in Indonesia on individually initiative basis have returned home and resumed their normal duties at the ministry.

Apart from that, 3 scholars from Flinders University, Australia namely Basilio de Carvalho Ribeiro, Master in Accounting and Finance, Bernardino da C. Pereira, Master in Business Administration and Rui Freitas, Master in Business Administration, just returned home after finishing their studies in this university.

They are the first batch of 23 scholars who departed for Australia in February 2010, comprising of 4 scholars for Masters (remaining 1 more to finish the study) and 19 scholars for Undergraduate program, comprising 15 for Bachelor in Commerce, 2 for Bachelor in Business, and 1 for Bachelor in HR, and 1 for Bachelor in Business Economics.  It indicates the result of a long selection process that started in 2009 and involved 61 applicants for bachelors, and 11 for Masters’ degree.

What deserves to be highlighted here is the high appreciation from both the Government of Timor Leste represented by the Director General of Corporate Services, of the Ministry of Finance Mr. Januario da Gama who headed the delegation and was accompanied by 3 other staff from the ministry. The 4 delegates had the opportunity and honor to participate in the graduation ceremony that took place at the Flinders University on 18 December 2012.

The Chancellor of the University, Mr. Stephen Gerlach in his speech told the graduands that “graduation marks the culmination of years of work and commitment on the part of students; and of years of support and commitment on the part of families and partners”.

In particular, Mr. Gerlach warmly welcomed the delegation from Timor Leste and appreciated their presence in the ceremony and emphasized that “Flinders is committed to contributing to the human resources capacity building initiatives of Timor Leste by providing an effective education program that combines academic and professional development”.

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