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New Directors and Heads of Departments in the Ministry of Finance

Five Directors and Four Heads of Departments of the Ministry of Finance were formally appointed and sworn-in on 30 July, as part of the ministry’s institutional reform that has been undertaken since August 2007.

The newly appointed National Directors include the Director of Customs (Brígida da Silva), the Director of State Asset Management (Januário da Gama), the Director of Petroleum Revenues (Mónica da Cruz), the Director of Aid Effectiveness (José Abílio) and the Director of Statistics (Elias Ferreira). Meanwhile, the new Heads of Departments will respectively manage the Department of Internal Audit (Hermingardo Soares), Department of External Assistance Monitoring (João Coimbra), the Department of Monitoring of Budget Transferences (Leonardo Magno) and the Department of Administrative Support (Martinho Lopes).

In a simple ceremony, the Minister of Finance congratulated the new National Directors of the Ministry and stated that despite many positions that have yet to be filled-in, with the above appointments the essential needs of the ministry will be relatively fulfilled taking into account that most of them have undertaken their respective roles prior to their formal appointment.

Minister Pires particularly underlined the importance of two specific positions, such as the appointment of New Director of Customs which coincides with the modernization initiatives currently undertaken in the National Directorate of Customs with a view to achieve the objective of the “World Class Customs Organization”. Secondly, was the Department of Internal Audit, which she expected to contribute to ensuring the improvement and efficiency in the budget execution, as well as in bringing trust to the financial reporting and accounting, addressing the issue of frauds and safeguarding the assets of the State.