• Percentage Change of Consumer Price Index of January 2018.

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Percentage Change of Consumer Price Index of January 2018.

Dili, 20 February 2018, National Directorate of Statistic (DGE) launch Consumer price Index (CPI) for the month of January 2018 which launched by General Director Statistic, Elias dos Santos Ferreira, in meeting room REHA, DGE office Caikoli.

In the occasion, the General Directorate says Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the month of January rose (+0.8%) and compared with the month of December rise (+0.5%), therefore the percentage change for the month of January a little bit rise because in the month of January starts the new academic year so for the group of Education rise (+16.6%).

Generally, the percentage change of monthly CPI all group rose (+0.8%) for the month of January 2018, compared to a rise (+0.5%) in December 2017. The rise was significantly driven by Education (+16.6%), Food and Non-Alcoholic beverages (+0.3%), Clothing and Footwear (+0.8%) and Alcohol and Tobacco (+0.7%) groups.

Price rose in Education group was affected by a rise in educational fee (propinas) in the new academy year at both Secondary and University level. Along with this, the Food and Non-Alcoholic beverages group also rose which was contributed by a rise in Rice (+0.7%), Vegetables (+0.4%), Food Products n.e.c. (+0.7%), and Bread and Cereals (+0. %) subgroup. offsetting movements within Food and Non- Alcoholic Beverages group.


Annual percentage change of CPI all group increased (+16.6%) compared January 2018 to January 2017, was driven by Food and Non-Alcoholic beverage (+1.1%), Education (+16.6%), Furnishing, Household Equipment and Routine Household Maintenance (+1.8%), Clothing and Footwear (+1.1%), Housing (+1.1%) and Alcohol and Tobacco (+0.7%) group. Recreation and Culture (+1.1%) Communication (-0.4%) and Transport (-0.1%) group partially offset the rise for the calendar year of January 2018.

Monthly tradeable (+0.4%) and Non-Tradeable (+1.3%) rose compared January 2018 to December 2017, Non-Tradeable showed significant rise was majority driven by educational fee.

Tradeable (+1.7%) and Non-Tradeable CPI (+0.9%) also rose for the annual compared January 2018 to January 2017.

In the event participated by representative of central Bank, representative from National Direction of Economy Politic, representative from general Directorate of Treasury, WFP, student of UNTL, UNDIL and staff of DGE itself.

For Further information, please click: http://www.statistics.gov.tl/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/CPI-January-2018-English1.pdf