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Petroleum Tax

Bayu Undan production platform

The National Directorate of Petroleum and Mineral Revenues is responsible for administering all Petroleum and Mineral Taxes payable in (Maritime Boundary Treaty and Timor-Leste Onshore):

  • The area covered by the Farmer Joint Petroleum Development Area (JPDA) in the Timor Sea, and
  • Timor-Leste onshore and offshore petroleum related activities.


Phone and email

Phone the National Directorate of Petroleum and Mineral Revenue’s (NDPMR). Direct contacts are:

  • National Diretorate for Tax Payer Information Unit, Mr. Uldarico Rodriguez, urodrigues@mof.gov.tl
  • Staff of the National Directorate of Tax payer Information, Mr. Moises Feliciano Soares, mofsoares@mof.gov.tl
  • Responsible for Revenue Account of the Petroleum and Mineral Department, Mr. Agostinho Gregorio Ramos, aramos@mof.gov.tl
  • Responsible for Audit of the National Tax Inspection, Mrs. Helga Sarmento, hsarmento@mof.gov.tl

Location National Directorate of Petroleum and Mineral Revenue office is located in Level 8, MoF Tower, Aitarak-Laran, Dili, Timor-Leste.

Postal address

National Directorate of Petroleum and Mineral Revenue P.O. Box 18 Dili, Timor-Leste

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