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Rejistru fila fali

Desculpa!, notisia nee avalia deit iha lingua English.

  • F.A.Q

    (English) Q1.What is the TIN Re-registration? The TIN re-registration is a program being conducted by the NDDR, aiming to ensure that the information of TIN holders is accurate, complete and up-to-date. Q2.What is a TIN? A TIN is a unique identi ... continue reading »

  • Hili Formulariu ne'ebe lo'os

    (English) There are a total of six PACKAGES to choose from. You may need to fill out multiple PACKAGES. Use the illustration below to help you decide which PACKAGE(s) need to be completed: A. Completing the PACKAGES & Required Attachments Im ... continue reading »

  • Formulariu Sira

    Atu download pakote formulariu sira, favor ida , klique iha ne’e! ... continue reading »