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Timor-Leste eProcurement Portal launched on 26 August

Timor-Leste Transparency Portal will be launched on 26 August 2011 by His Excellency, Prime Minister Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao with the Minister of Finance, Emilia Pires.

What the portal does

Timor-Leste eProcurement Portal is a website which lets you interactively:

  • access and review all open tenders, grouped by the type of business, and
  • access and review all awarded tenders.

The portal is accessible to all members of the public, groups and development partners.

Public access to tenders allows all citizens and vendors to download tenders providing equal opportunity.

How it works

Authorised users from RDTL departments and institutions will publish tender documents to the website including:

  • amendments
  • questions, and
  • answers from the vendors and bid evaluation.

After the evaluation period, users will publish award information, including vendor, amount and documents if applicable.

The portal will be updated every day so information will be current.

Users can be notified of new tenders

User registration enables the receipt of notifications on specific tender processes.

Users can register themselves providing an email address and the category of tenders they are interested in. 

The site will send a notification whenever a new tender of that category is published.

Search and browse

Current tenders can be viewed on the website by tenders published:

  • today
  • during the last week, and
  • all available tenders.

You can search tenders by criteria like:

  • Tender category (Computing, Construction, etc)
  • Tender type (RFP, RFQ, etc.)
  • Region (Districts)
  • Tender status (Available, Awarded, Cancelled, etc)
  • Tender ID, and
  • Institution buyer type (Ministry).

Vendors Area provides reporting on awarded contracts and to provide the blacklisted vendors (pending legislation). This section also contains information for the vendors so they know how to participate in government tenders.

  • Legislation area contains content provided by RDTL in terms of procurement laws, processes and related documents.
  • Feedback functionality allows users to provide comments via email to website administrators.

What we hope to achieve

  • all tenders by public entities are posted onto a single internet site
  • potential bidders are able to download legal bidding documents
  • awards are published, and
  • citizens are able to follow all procedures and instructions.