• TL and DPs jointly discussed progress, challenge and priority in the 2015 TLDPM

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TL and DPs jointly discussed progress, challenge and priority in the 2015 TLDPM

The Government of Timor-Leste held a full day annual meeting with the Development Partners on the 6th June 2015, at the Dili Convention Centre. The central theme of this year TLDPM is Consolidating Institutions Transitioning towards Resilience. The meeting, which was started two days earlier with the Bilateral Meeting on the 4th June 2015, was organized by the Ministry of Finance and attended by the Development Partners and members of the g7+ countries. As the Prime Minister, Dr. Rui Maria de Araújo, said in his speech, it was a “proud tradition bringing together” both parties to update progresses, identify challenges and set the priorities for the coming year.

The Prime Minister, in his opening remarks, outlined the progresses that have been made in the security, social, economic and infrastructure sectors. Despite all the progresses been made, however, he cautioned about the significant challenges that still remain, notably the country’s limited access to health care, education, clean water, basic infrastructure and government service.

To overcome these challenges, he put forward the Government’s priorities to improve service delivery and the quality of the public works. The Government, he added, will commit to further strengthen good governance including transparency, ethical leadership, accountability for performance, employment on merit and evidence based policy making. He strongly emphasized the importance of economic diversification to secure a sustainable future and create jobs. In doing so, the focus, he said, will be on the development of tourism, agricultural and petroleum sectors.

The Vice Minister of Finance, Mr. Helder Lopes, in his presentation singled out “high, inclusive and sustainable growth” as the key economic challenge that the country is facing. Therefore, he proposed that Timor-Leste needs to diversify its economy, improve its productivity, create employment through growth, develop its private sector and ensure its fiscal sustainability. Fiscal reform, he argued, will be the key driver towards fiscal sustainability. In doing so, the Government will embark on revenue, expenditure and economic reforms. Fiscal reform, he said, aims to increase revenues from taxes and charges, create fiscal space, make expenditure more effective and efficient, increase economic growth and domestic investment and foreign direct investment. The goal is to increase tax/GDP ratio to 15% within 5 years.

Towards the conclusion of the meeting, the Prime Minister emphasized again the importance of the TLDPM. He concluded that “together we can build our nation and improve the lives of our people”.

For more details, below are the agenda and some materials during the event:

  1. Agenda
  2. Keynote Speech by His Excellency the Prime Minister
  3. Keynote Address: Moving from Peace Building to State Building: Past, Present, and Future Challenges
  4. Economic Sector Presentation
  5. Social Sector Presentation
  6. Public Administration Reform
  7. Justice and Legislative Reform
  8. Launching of New Deal Assessment 
  9. Closing Remarks by H.E. Rui Maria de Araujo, Prime Minister – RDTL