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University of California, San Diego

Presentation at UNIV California San Diego

In San Diego, Minister Emilia Pires was a guest of the University of California San Diego.

Minister Pires held several discussions with students there on Timor-Leste, both on the subject of Public Financial Management and Nation Building. She also had a public lecture to the San Diego community on Timor-Leste.

Overall, there was a lot of interest from both the University in collaborating with Timor and the community in general. Minister Pires spoke to several professors who confirmed their interest in being of some assistance to Timor, mobilised students to choose Timor-Leste as their destination for internships, which will start already with some in this coming summer. This is another way to get young capable students to do volunteer work in Timor and share their skills with our people, while at the same time making them aware of Timor-Leste, as these students are potential leaders of the future.

The University also committed their willingness to be part of a network of resources to help the g7+ countries.