• Visit of the Committee for UNMIT Assets Donation to the UNMIT Compound

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Visit of the Committee for UNMIT Assets Donation to the UNMIT Compound

On February 7, a team headed by the Vice Minister of Finance, Mr. Rui Manuel Hanjam, Chairman of the Committee for the UNMIT Assets Donation, visited the UNMIT compound at the Obrigado Barracks to inspect the assets to be donated, and to discuss the protocol and mechanisms relating to the donation process.

As mandated in the Council of Ministers meeting and in accordance  with the main objective of the Committee to coordinate and inspect all steps of the donation process, the Donation Committe along with a number of staff  from the Ministry of Health discussed and defined the next steps of donation, the assets inventory,  the procedures and the observances to be complied with.

One of the main points raised in the discussion was the suggestion by the Chairman of the Committee on human resources including the urgent necessity to  train the government staff in order for them to achieve the level of skills required for the functioning of the UNMIT services to be maintained, for instance managing the medical clinics and the storerooms, as well as the capacity of the government to absorb the national staff who are currently working for the UNMIT. The Chairman of the Committee emphasized that the government intends to obtain not only the assets but also to adopt the operating systems and procedures for these assets, comprising of organization, methodology, the knowledge and professionalism of UNMIT. This will require good  coordination between the GOTL and the UNMIT to train and stregthen the capacity of the government staff.

After the meeting, the committee visited the warehouses  of the UNMIT  and the equipments  to be donated, consisting of the medical clinic, the Geographic Information Services (GIS), the workshops,  the storerooms for office stattionary and the Communication and Information Technology Section. The itinerary agenda of this visit did not include the visit to the airport and this will be carried out by the the Director General of the Transports and Telecommunication of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Mr. Fernando da Cruz, in due time.

The priority of the Committee is to ensure rigorous and correct distribution of the assets in accordance with the real needs of the requesting agencies. It is importat to ensure that these requesting government agencies  have the capability in terms of financial and human resources to maintain these assets and utilize their capacity to the fullest.